Friday, April 28, 2017

Padlet Now Has Post Connectors & A Few More Updates

Many of you have used Padlet in the past.  It can be a great tool to brainstorm with your class or have students showcase their work.   All your students have to do is double-click on the webpage and then add a title, text, picture, audio, video, file or link.  It's that simple.

If you haven't used Padlet, be sure to visit the site to learn more. There have been some great new updates in the last few weeks that I want to share.
  1. Focus Mode- When a large group of people are working on a padlet together it use to be confusing with information popping up left and right.  Now you just refresh the page to see the changes.
  2. Post Connectors- Add arrows for flow charts, infographics, etc to link various posts.  Here is an example-  EdTech Tools by Student Task

  3. Grid Layout Improvements- Sort the post order, move posts around with numbered labels as guides
  4. Inline Viewing- A few weeks ago they added the ability to listen to audio and video in the context of the padlet.  It no longer redirects you to the source.  This is a great way to show Youtube videos without the clutter or distractions.
What do you think?  Do you still use Padlet or are the kids tired of using it in your classroom?