Thursday, May 10, 2018

Google Drive Archive & Transfer

As the school year wraps up soon you may need to archive or transfer your files as you move to another district.  Here are the steps.

*Note*  This is a repost from last year that is still relevant.  A few icons may be different but the procedure is the same.

Archiving Files (Takeout)

  1. Select your account icon and click My Account.

  2. Click Control your content.

  3. Click Create Archive.

  4. Select the data to include.

  5. Select the Delivery Method and click Create archive.

You can then upload the data into another account as needed.  Another method would be to transfer your information to another Gmail account.  Here are the steps you should take after the first 2 steps listed above.

Transferring Files
  1. Click Start Transfer

  2. Type the email address for which the data will be transferred.
  3. Click Send Code.

  4. Check the receiving email and enter the code.

  5. Select the content to copy and transfer and then click Start Transfer.  (Caution!  This is not recommended until the very last day of employment.)

This video may also be helpful as well.