Friday, March 31, 2017

4 Handy Updates from Google- March 2017

Here are 4 handy updates from Google I thought you might find useful.
  1. Google Sheets- Text rotation
    • Highlight the text you want rotated.
    • Click the Rotate button on the toolbar.
    • Select the type of rotation.

  2. Google Docs- Convert text to all CAPS
    • Highlight the text.
    • Click the Format>Capitalization
    • Select Uppercase

  3. Classroom- Copy the class code
    • Navigate to Student tab.
    • Click the dropdown menu for Class Code.
    • Select Copy

  4. Calendar- now optimized for iPad
    • While on your iPad install the Google Calendar app-
    • Tap the red button in the bottom to add events, reminders, and goals
    • Notice how it offer suggestions as you type information