Tuesday, January 17, 2017

New Chromebook Video Tutorials

Google has just released some new video tutorials for Chromebooks.  If you are new to Chromebooks or just want to learn a few tips be sure to check out these videos.

  1. Getting Started with Chromebook- basic terminology, navigation, settings, tips
  2. Managing Files on Chromebook- options for saving, file formats
  3. Sharing Your Chromebook- multiple accounts, guest mode
  4. Setting Up Classic Printing on Chromebook-printer settings, via Mac/PC with Chrome
  5. Setting Up Cloud Printing on Chromebook- printer settings, Cloud Ready Printer setup
  6. Switching to Chromebook- move from Mac/PC, backup to Google Drive/USB thumb drive, Google account creation,
  7. Chromebook Won't Charge or Turn On- troubleshooting tips, power issues, hard reset
  8. Fixing Wi Fi Connectivity- connecting to Wi Fi, troubleshooting