Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Ed Tech Challenge Summer 2016

As we wrap up another school year, I want to offer these 3 challenges.  Let's see how this can transform your instruction for the future.

Challenge #1- The 4Cs

Learn about the 4Cs for technology integration.  Examine lessons you have conducted and ask yourself, "What role has communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity played?  Have I incorporated the 4Cs in my instruction?  Has technology helped me do that?"

Action:  Modify 2 of your favorite lessons for the beginning of the year that include all 4Cs and share it with a colleague and/or post it on social media.

Challenge #2- Makerspace

Become a maker and prepare to provide your students opportunities to tinker next year.

Action:  Make a project this summer that you can share with your students.  Be prepared to teach them how different skills helped you achieve your goal.  (ex. building a bench requires some design skills, math, etc)

Challenge #3- Sketchnote

So many of us just take notes in sequential order with lists and paragraphs.  Try taking notes using pictures, graphic organizers, etc using some of these great tools. See how your thinking changes.

Action:  Take notes using pictures and graphic organizers that you draw by hand.  These tools may help.  Paper by 53, Penultimate

Have a lot of fun trying these challenges.  I look forward to hearing all about it.