Tuesday, April 26, 2016

National Education Technology Plan: Issues to Address

There are certainly several issues to address to ensure that technology transforms learning for students.  In my last post entitled A Look at the National Education Technology Plan, I introduced the five main components of the plan.  In this post we will briefly review the issues that the plan hopes to address.

Issues to Address

  1. Digital Use Divide- There is a need for the learner to become creators and not just consumers.
  2. Evidence on the Effectiveness of technology-enable programs- Can we truly say a program made an academic difference in learning and meeting the standards?
  3. Effective Approaches of Using Technology- Are students using the correct methods for using technology to truly accelerate and enhance learning?
  4. Out-of-school Learning Experiences- How can we tie informal and formal learning together in and out of the classroom?
  5. Teacher Preparation and Professional Development- How can we better prepare teachers to use technology appropriately?
  6. Assessment Approaches- Are we taking full advantage of how technology can help with assessment including social and emotional learning?
  7. Protecting Student Privacy- How can we provide students with great digital resources while also protecting their privacy?
Do you see other major issues we should address when it comes to educational technology in the coming years?  Please share your thoughts.