Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Google Tip of the Day: Suggestion Feature in Docs

Do you ever need others to take a look at documents you create and make suggestions?  Too often I see people send an email with a Microsoft Word document attached.  The person receives the email, prints it out, writes their suggestions and then hands it back to the sender.  Then the sender reflects on the suggestions and has to revise their Word document.  There is a better way!  Try these tips the next time you want suggestions from others on a document.

  1. Create a Google Doc.
  2. Share the Doc with someone by clicking the Share button.

  3. Type the email address of the user, type a message, and click Send.

  4. The person will receive an email with a link to the Doc.
  5. They should click the Editing button and change it to Suggesting.

  6. The recipient should make the appropriate suggestions.
  7. As the suggestions are being made, a comment will be added on the right side of the Doc.
  8. The owner of the Doc can then click the Check mark to accept the suggestion or click the X to reject the suggestion.