Monday, November 16, 2015

Google Tip of the Day: Quick & Easy Photo Album

There seems to be hundreds of tools for creating photo albums but not all of them are easy to share or have multiple people contribute.  Here is an idea worth considering.

Start a Google Slides presentation and share it with anyone you like.  Have them help build the online album. (Required Google account.) Here are my suggested steps.

  1. Go to the App Launcher and select Slides.
  2. Select the more button and locate the Photo Album template.

  3. Modify a few slides to meet your needs including any directions you want to provide.
  4. Click the Share button within the Google Slide presentation.

  5. Type the email addresses of those for which you want to share.

  6. Change the permission to Can edit.
  7. Add a note.
  8. Click Send.
  9. Encourage those that are part of the event to add a few of their favorite photos to the slideshow.
  10. Once all the pictures are uploaded, add some text, transitions, music and whatever else you like.
  11. Share the final product and enjoy the show!