Thursday, December 7, 2017

Just Ask Google Sheets

How many times have you discovered that your average teacher just uses a spreadsheet to keep data organized because of the boxes provided?  Too often the features in spreadsheets are greatly underutilized because they can be very intimidating with formulas, functions, charts, etc.  With the latest updates to Google Sheets you will find it's getting much easier to uncover insights and trends with the data you enter in the worksheets.

Specifically, the Explore feature helps users uncover the data they need to make better decisions.  In the Explore panel you can ask questions in natural language referencing the data in the columns and rows in your spreadsheet and it will return suggestions.  Those suggestions may vary from charts to pivot tables.  It also generates the formulas for you.

In this video, you will discover how it works.  Enjoy!

Monday, December 4, 2017

The Hour of Code is for Every Student!

The Hour of Code is an initiative to reach millions of students across the world by engaging them in at least one hour of code during the week of Dec. 4-10.  There are dozens of ways you could have your students involved.  Here is a list of ideas to consider.


Thursday, November 30, 2017

Add Closed Captioning to YouTube Videos

Closed captioning is often overlooked by the average YouTube user but it can certainly help make content accessible to more viewers.  It can also be handy for emerging readers.  Did you know that when you upload a video to YouTube captions are created automatically in several languages including English?  You can also transcribe and auto-sync, or simply edit or create new subtitles and closed captioning. 

Follow these steps to get started.
  1. Go to the Video Manager by clicking your account in the top right corner of the window.  >Creator Studio>Video Manager>Videos
  2. Click the drop-down menu beside the Edit button and select Subtitles/CC.
  3. Click the blue bar labeled Add new subtitles or CC and then English.
  4. Select the method you prefer.  
Create a new subtitle or CC
  1. Click Create new subtitles or CC.
  2. Preview the video with closed captioning and decide what revisions may need to be made.
  3. Click and type in the various boxes to adjust any text needed.  You may also adjust the timings below the video.
  4. Once revisions are complete click the blue button labeled Publish.
Transcribe and auto-sync
  1. Click Transcribe and auto-sync
  2. Press the play button just below the text box and begin typing your transcript.  The video will pause as you type.
  3. Once the transcription is complete, click the blue button labeled Set timings.  After a few minutes closed captioning should be available.
This video will demonstrate the process.