Monday, October 30, 2017

Make the Most of Google Drawings

Google has a nice set of tools for educators to use with their students.  One such tool is Google Drawings, which is often overlooked.  Though this tool is very simple, if used appropriately it can be a powerful tool to keep students learning.  Here are a few ideas for your next lesson.  In this example, we will explore a lesson on weathering and erosion.  In this scenario, students have been keeping notes the last few days in Google Keep.  Here is the assignment.

Using your notes from Google Keep, create a presentation in Google Drawings about weathering and erosion.  The presentation must include the following items:

  • definition of weathering
  • definition of erosion
  • examples of 3 types of erosion
    • 3 pictures
    • 3 explanations
  • 3 comments from a partner with suggestions or questions
In this assignment, students can import their notes from Google Keep by going to the Tools >Keep notepad.  They can also go to Tools>Explore to find other websites or image resources.

Friday, October 27, 2017

TEKS Mastery with Quizalize & Zzish

Looking for an online tool with ready-made quizzes tied to Texas TEKS?  Quizalize might just be the solution.  Discover quizzes from STAAR tests, tied to TEKS standards in a fun game mode to keep the students interested.  You can learn more here from their post.

Teaching in Texas?  Introducing TEKS Mastery with Quizalize & Zzish

Get started today by creating an account at

Friday, October 20, 2017

3 Fresh Tools to Engage Your Students

Are you tired of the same old tools for using in your classroom?  There are many great tools available to you and I certainly recommend finding 3 or 4 you regularly use with your students.  However, when you feel your students are losing interest, be sure to check out one of these great tools.

  1. Flipgrid-

    This tool has become very popular in education this school year.  It makes it easy for you and your students to post videos on various topics and then discuss them.  This might be a great way to introduce a lesson and increase dialogue in your classroom.
  2. CheckMark-

    This is a brand new tool that allows you as the teacher to give quick feedback on student writing in Google Docs.  Just install the Chrome extension and open a Google Doc to test it out.  When you highlight a word or phrase in a document it gives you quick comment options such as capitalization, tense, or subject/verb agreement.
  3. Pear Deck Vocabulary-

    Many of you have started using Pear Deck but have you checked out Pear Deck Vocabulary?  Students work together to create dynamic and engaging flashcards with sentences and illustrations that help increase learning and retention.